With so many media player’s available for Mac, finding the best one from the list would take a little more time than expected. In fact, what makes it different and better from the rest?

When you are hunting for the best media players for mac then it should possess certain qualities for sure. For example, it sure should be super easy to use and needs to be user friendly. There is a wide array of apps available online, and this is why trusting one and finding the best one could get quite much confusing too. Hence, we present before you the names of a few great media players for Mac below. Hope the list gets the better of you and helps you to enjoy music like never before.

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Elmedia Player

There is undeniably no denying in the fact that Elmedia Player is one of the top media players for mac. It will effortlessly play a flotilla of files like MP4, DAT, SWF, FLV, AVI, MP3 and MOV. You can directly select the online videos from the player itself and continue watching it online. With another useful option, Open URL, you can stay away from distracting ads, which are being added to online videos quite often. Elmedia does provide you a good number of options and even boosts the playback of the video. It will evenly fit the image to the screen, is a video turner, even if other apps are being played, it will easily pin the player window on top of other apps which are playing at the background, etc.

PRO features comprises of:

  • You can easily download videos from the net, including HTML5, YouTube and RTMP videos.

  • Create any movie’s screenshot.

  • You can incessantly loop any part of the movie. It also has an audio equalizer with 10-band with presets, and you can regulate image and video’s layout adjustments, etc.


This one turns out being a lightweight player. It has been solely been created for Mac computers. This does save a lot of resources and will support approximately every sort of file formats. It can smoothly work with Apple Remotes and permits you to seamlessly change the size of the subtitles and commence the video from the place you had stopped it. For several Mac users, this media player turns out being a standard part of their toolbox since it also flawlessly functions for OS.

MPlayerX features comprises of:

  • Using it is easy and you can navigate it without any problem.

  • Will probably play all kinds of audio and video.

  • It also supports subtitles.


This turns out being a homebrewed player for Xbox consoles. This was basically built so that it works out being an all-in-one podium for videos, pictures, and music, it does support all kinds of file formats. It will also impeccably support physical media like DVS’s and Blu-rays.

Kodi features comprises of:

  • It will function on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux too,

  • It will be able to effortlessly support different kinds of add-ons such as sounds, custom skins and even fonts.