Most SEO agencies like SEO marketing agency Miami today talk of something called the “Mobile SEO”. While today SEO or search engine optimisation is a popular term in internet parlance, it can be successfully deduced that mobile SEO refers to the optimisation of mobile websites. The need for the same stems from the fact that the page speed plays a crucial role and the mobile display is relatively much smaller than that of the desktop.

Thus in order to gain visibility in mobile internet, it is necessary to optimise mobile websites based on the following key components like:

  • Core ranking focus which is similar to that of traditional SEO and hence requires the website to be properly indexed and compressed, so as to improve its ranking in search engine results. Thus the relevance, authority and usefulness of core ranking is even more for mobile optimised websites.
  • Taking note of mobile-friendly errors which tend to decrease page visibility as well as its speed. Irrespective of the type of mobile configuration used, research shows that the output remains relatively similar. It is, however, the presence of mobile-friendly errors which have a great impact on the effectiveness of the mobile websites in organic searches and should thus be fixed immediately.
  • Research for mobile keywords plays a crucial role in the creation of good content for mobile optimised websites. As any good SEO agency like SEO marketing agency Miami, likes to specify, the search engine algorithms are today focussing more on keywords related to user intent rather than the traditional ones in vogue till date. Hence research for those keywords which relate easily to user intent should be incorporated to increase visibility.

There are other factors like app store optimisation, app indexing and use of AMP or accelerated mobile pages which also impact website visibility and its search engine rankings. Thus these too should be taken into account by SEO agencies like SEO marketing agency Miami to ensure proper mobile SEO.