MLtek Software is a company that was formed by Mark Laverty in 2003. Mark worked in the IT industry for over 10 years. Mark began to identify some gaps in the market especially for specialized software solutions for the most common IT situations or problems. Mark and other IT specialists found that the solutions at that time on the marketfor these common problems were often very complex and usually very expensive.

Innovative solutions

Since 2003 MLtek Software has been providing solutions that are very innovative to the assorted IT problems that are faced by organizations and companies around the world. MLtek specializes in creative solutions for software that can solve large problems in very simple ways. Examples of this method include:

  • ArchiverFS
  • Process Controller
  • Ultimate Monitor

Specific problems

Every software product is simple, yet targeted and having clean designs focusing on a very specific problem and executing the solutions with a single minded purpose. The user will not find a ‘bloat’ or any features unneeded in any of their software solutions. Every program is designed to do a task that is specific and then engineered to do the task as efficiently as possible.

Members of Industry Organization

They are members of many industry bodies especially the ‘Organization of Independent Software Vendors’.

Based in United Kingdom

MLtek Software is a company that is based in the United Kingdom and produces a range of solutions using software that is aimed at undertaking various IT challenges in infrastructure. Everyone on their staff has had extensive experience working on IT infrastructure problem and is familiar with the very unique challenges this field presents.

Every product follows goal

Every product engineered by MLtek is created following this goal. “If only I could find a piece of software that did X”. This is the beginning to every one of their software products. They designed and provide a:

  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Unique answer